Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Busy Busy April!

Hi Everyone!!!

April has been such a busy month... Even I am surprised with the BIM explosion here in the Middle East:)))

We are working like bees.... Running from one meeting to another (or should I say flying:))...  Trainings... almost everyday...

Unfortunately this is the reason why I am not able to write everyday. What is even worse? I will not be able to write on the last week of April. My apologies...

Anyway, let's go back to the main topic:))

Yes, we are very busy! Especially with ArchiCAD and Vico related meetings and trainings.

OK! OK But why am I telling you this?

First of all I could not find anything smarter to say today since my mind is busy with my meeting tomorrow:))

Secondly our audience is quite interesting! Owners, Contractors and Project Managers...

Who is missing here?


They almost show no interest! OK, no need to be too harsh... They show the minimum interest amongst all the construction professionals. Maybe 5 percent of our business in April.

I am hoping they do not show much interest because they are already familiar...

Sounds too optimistic, hey?

Yes, it is very optimistic... to be honest not realistic at all.

The big consultants in the region are using BIM but not the medium or small ones.

Worst part is they do not even show interest. Just wait.

I am a little bit ashamed with the situation as an architect actually!

I wish they could continue being the front-runners but seems like the owners will win the race...

Diyane Koseoglu