Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Lemon Squeezer by Philippe Starck remodeled in ArchiCAD

I assume you all know Philippe Starcks famour Lemon Squeezer!

It's a beautiful design but used to be difficult to model in ArchiCAD.

Please notice I said "used to be":)) It is no longer difficult.

Just a matter of 1 minute 11 seconds:))

Here comes the video showing how to do it:))


Diyane Koseoglu

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If you want to mandate BIM in your project...

Hi Everyone!

As you know BIM is being mandated in many projects in the Middle East and I had seen many of them so far.

Most of them were pretty strange:))) You do not understand what they want when you read the whole document.

I remember getting confused many times.

But recently I learned more about the people who prepares these BIM Specs and my confusion is over now:))

Well, some of them are prepared by people who attended few BIM Seminars only and think they understands BIM very well.

This is quite dangerous for the owner since BIM is much more deeper than what is shown in the seminars. Plus, nobody shows the handicaps of BIM in the presentations:))

If the specs are prepared by someone without deep experience of both BIM and Construction, be ready to get screwed.

If you want to specify BIM in your project make sure that you know what you are talking about.  Otherwise BIM can be an additional cost rather than saving.

I saw many failures because of this reason!

Please don't be one of them and have a great evening:))

Diyane Koseoglu

Saturday, May 26, 2012

DWG import using XREF

Good Morning Everyone!

Jothi created a new video! Subject is same! Importing DWG files however this time he is using XREF method which allows you to bring the attributes with it but keep them separately.


Diyane Koseoglu
Jothi Shanmugam

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Graduation Project with Vico!

I was invited to American University of Sharjah (AUS) a couple of days ago to watch 3 young BIMers graduation project:
Ahmed Elmani
Asem Zabin
Islam Al Sharabati

Great guys!

These 3 students saw the value of BIM at first glance while it takes 425 meetings for professionals to see.

My colleagues Hema Nayal and Ayman Aniss helped them during the project but nothing major really. Only a couple of hours training and some Q&A sessions on Vico Office Suite.

The end result was pretty impressive! They build up a 5D BIM Model and presented very nice 4D animations!

The moment they finished the presentation, the audience went mad as if they were in a concert:)) Every single person in the room was impressed including their professors.

After witnessing this presentation and other students' reaction I am very confident that the future generations will embrace BIM much better than us!

Have a Fabulous Weekend!

Diyane Koseoglu

Monday, May 21, 2012

A brilliant idea from Zolna Murray! CMBC (Certified Model Based (AEC) Consultant)

Do you Read Zolna Murray's blog, DebunkTheBIM?

If not you should!

It is an important blog for me! The first reason is I learned what "debunk" means from that blog:))). So she not only develops your understanding of BIM but also your English:)) Highly recommended!!

Secondly, she has around 30 years experience on BIM and real BIM. She started as an ArchiCAD user as ArchiCAD being the first BIM software but now she uses almost all the BIM softwares on earth.

I like her blog because she is more of a "BIM Thinker" on her blog rather than a "BIM DOer".

She does point out important issues and most of the time suggests smart solutions.

The one I like most so far is Little Yellow Stickers.

Have you noticed them yet?
They are turning up en masse on consultants’ drawings these days!
Little golden stickers, shiny and holographic, a real candy for the eye.
They carry a message:
The consultant that provided this drawing is a CMBC (Certified Model Based (AEC) Consultant) and all the information within the marked drawing is guaranteed to be based on a 3D digital-model.
Read More

She suggests a certification that guarantees the drawing is based on a 3D digital model.

Brilliant idea, isn't it?

Well, speak with BIM Service Providers or Contractors and hear their pain about this issue.

We see many projects which the designer claims that he used BIM and provides a model. But instead of this helping us, it makes things worse because the documentation has been separated from the model many months ago and they do not have much in common any more.

So, I support Zolna's idea totally and I hope it will be heard by vendors.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Construction Simulation! For marketing or for managing your project?

Lately I am getting involved with VICO more and more...

I am loving it actually!

Great tool for integrating cost and time to BIM Models.

We were discussing using Vico in one of our client's project recently but all of a sudden I noticed that they are interested in creating a pretty animation showing how columns, slabs are built etc only, nothing more.

Well if you are looking for a pretty presentation you can do it in ArchiCAD by using Construction Simulation Add-on which is free.

It absolutely does the job of creating a pretty animation!

But does it really help you managing your project?

If you are looking for a solution to help you optimize your schedule...


If you are trying to impress your client by finishing the project 6 months earlier rather than showing him animations just to show off...

Then the solution I would recommend it is VICO!

Because VICO understands location based quantities drives the schedule. So 5D comes before 4D and makes a lot of sense! At the end of the day changing durations without an affect on resources does not make much sense, right?

Here comes a short video about it:

There is a very nice discussion started by Holly on LinkedIn about this actually. You might want to have a close look;)

"I recently spent a long weekend with my two-and-a-half year old nephew. I was told that when he gets fidgety to ask him to sing the A-B-C’s and practice counting one to ten.

I wasn’t too concerned when letters of the alphabet started disappearing. But for the life of me, I couldn’t get him to include a 4 in his counting. I tried using his flashcards; I tried lining up his stuffed animals for the roll call; but 4 was mysteriously absent.

We have a similar situation at Vico. When everyone learned to count 3D, 4D, 5D BIM, we went and changed the order. We count 3D, 5D, 4D.

Quantities drive the schedule and the estimate, but with Vico Office, the estimator takes the lead in the workflow. Here’s how it works:

With Vico Office Takeoff Manager, we automatically examine the model geometry to generate construction-caliber quantities. Now with the quantities, estimators use Vico Office Cost Planner to create multiple iterations of the 5D estimate as the models’ level of detail increases.

Read more

Thursday, May 17, 2012

BIM Language

Azerbaijan and Turkey uses different dialects of Turkish but we still understand eachother and communicate well.

However there are some words we use for totally different meanings so we have a lot of funny stories related to this misunderstandings.

Once a friend of mine told me that he was flying with Azerbaijan Airways. Announcements were quite easy for him to understand so he felt very comfortable.

Towards the end of the flight an announcement gave him almost a heart attack!

"We will start crashing within 10 minutes!"

What would you do if you hear such an announcement! Well, he was about to freak out but he noticed that everybody else is calm.

Himm, something is strange here!!!

The gentlemen next to him noticed his white face and start laughing.

Here you go: The word they use in Azeri Dialect for landing means crashing in our dialect:)))

Why am I telling you this story?

Lately almost everyone heard about BIM and many claims they understand it. But the problem is understanding of BIM changes from person to person. Even the terminology! 

We are spending a lot of time making our statements as clear as possible to our clients but it is very hard to avoid confusions.

As a solution, I am recommending our clients to have a look at Penn State's BIM websites. The main BIM Uses are defined in a very clear way and it is usually very helpful to the BIM beginners:)

I hope you will find it helpful as well.

PS: By the way, I hope my friend did not make up the story:))

Have a  fabulous weekend!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

BIM Training for IT Team! Ready Eventually!

I know the title sounds strange for the ones new to our blog but we have been working on this training guide for a while since we saw a severe need.

In one of the previous posts, I told you how an innocent small mistake of IT team cost us and the BIM team 1 day. This one day is equal to 5 man/day unfortunately since it affected 4 computers. If you want to refresh your memory you can read it the BIM for IT Team post.

"BIM Training for IT Team" covers:
  • License Management
  • BIM Server
  • BIM Server Remote Connection
  • BIM Server Backup & Restore Examples
At the end of each section basic troubleshooting steps are also included.

Don't worry we wrote it in a language that IT team can understand. For instance we inform them about the consequences of deleting OS user as well as how to fix it.

Jothi spend quite long time on it  and I would like to thank him for his good work:)

BIM Training for IT Team is available for everyone from here.

I hope you will like it!

Diyane Koseoglu

Monday, May 14, 2012

How to import DWGs without attributes?

Hi All!

Today's post is a technical tip!

If you want to learn how to import DWGs without attributes, enjoy the video...

Diyane Koseoglu
Jothi Shanmugam

Saturday, May 12, 2012

A New Interpretation of Technology Adoption Process:)))

Hi Everyone!

I am sorry for the last week. I was extremely busy and did not have much chance to write to the blog.

Thanks to being so busy last week, I have a lot to tell you:))

I had a strange meeting last week! I call it strange because it was the first meeting I had without a "Top Manager".

We only had the "Junior - Young Engineers" and "Senior Engineers".

They were all very nice and kind. this was the common thing amongst them. But after the first 30 minutes of the meeting they were divided into 2 poles like North and South.

Young ones were extremely impressed with BIM and willing to learn more.

But the senior ones were totally against it.

Yes, this is not something new for me but since during all my recent meetings the Top Managers were also available, I have not seen the segmentation of opinions in relation with ages so obviously for a long time. (I hope I won't be like that in the future:))

Normally Top Managers are interested in a new technology because it develops their business and the headache of the implementation doe not affect them directly.

Well, this meeting reminded me the famous Technology Adoption Process graph in Geoffrey Moore's book Crossing the Chasm.

You will see this graph in all internal presentations of technology companies.

But I feel like it needs a new make up so I added some more information on it depending on my experiences:))

I used new terminologies!
Image from AmbeRed

For instance, the graph says "Innovators"! Who are the innovators in the construction business. These are the "Rock Star" architects and engineers who are always ahead of everyone whatever the cost is. When I was still a student, all the "wow" architectural offices were ArchiCAD users in Ankara and I also did my summer practice at one those offices. Believe me the chief architect in the office was a real rock star. He was even designing his own clothes, playing drums at the age of 60 etc.

What about "Early Adopters"? These are the employees of the companies which has forward looking Business Development Managers or CEOs. They always research how can they keep their company as a market leader or how can they be the market leader and when they find the tool, they implement it with 100% commitment. AIDEA, from Philippines is an great example for this. They implemented ArchiCAD BIM 7 years ago and they grew from a 20 men company to TOP 86 in the world. Here comes an interview with Aidea's CEO, Abelardo Tolentino.

Another example is Adnan Saffarini Consultancy! They were the market leader in the UAE and wanted to keep it. Hassan Saffarini, Operations Director, saw the 2009 recession as an opportunity to develop their company and start implementing ArchiCAD BIM. Hassan Saffarini's interview"

Early Majority! From here onwards it's not only companies who adopts but also the individuals who starts getting involved. Early majority is the "Hardworking Young Professionals" who are very competitive and wants to be the best in their profession. They want to learn anything which helps them to achieve their aim. We usually try to select the BIM Teams in the large companies from these people.

Late Majority! Off! These are the lazy ones which is almost impossible for me to understand. Unfortunately they do not notice how big is the opportunity they are missing! They are usually content the way they are and do not change unless they are forced to.

Laggards! These are the Senior Professionals! We can call them "Rebels" as well:)) They usually feel threaten with the new technology because they think their skills will be no longer valuable and the young ones will perform better than them. So they start sabotaging the meetings or implementations:)) Yes, but there is no reason for them to feel threaten. First of all, it's their experience what makes them so valuable not their skills with the tools they use. Secondly, if they want they perform as good as the young ones.

In one of our recent implementations, we assigned the most senior engineer as the BIM Manager since he ended up learning the process much better than the rest of the team. Although he was at least 15 years older then them.

Ohh!!! It became such a long post! Time to stop and say see you tomorrow:))

Have a great day!

Diyane Koseoglu

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It's not the software what brings success, it is the PEOPLE!

Yesterday I attended to the BIM User Group Meeting in Dubai.

Speaker was Daniel Frawley, from Burt Hill - a Stantec Company.

Dan has a fancy title - Practice Technology Section Leader - which allowed him to make a quite technical presentation about their BIM use.
Image from paytai

The presentation was quite interesting in general but what stroke me most was the way they used BIM to check the sun angle and how it effects the driver when they were designing a race circuit.

They purely used the features of their BIM software, no extra plug-ins or nothing custom developed.

Then I noticed there were many other things they found solutions with some workarounds within the same BIM Software. OK! These workarounds are sometimes cumbersome but still much faster than waiting the software vendor to develop it:)

As you see, it is not the software what brings success, it is the PEOPLE!

Diyane Koseoglu

Monday, May 7, 2012

ArchiCAD 16 with EcoDesigner Built-in

Architects no longer have excuse to design non-sustainable buildings!!!

EcoDesigner comes out of the box with ArchiCAD 16.

Yes, performing energy evaluation of your design is no more a luxury. Even a junior architect can understand how EcoDesigner works and perform Energy Evaluations.

If you are still not very confident about using EcoDesigner, Graphisoft created an excellent Playlist where every and each function of EcoDesigner is explained in detail. Here you go:

I think integrated Building Energy Information Modeling is the most important benefit that ArchiCAD 16 brings to us and deserves 5 BIG Stars:))

Sunday, May 6, 2012

How many stars for

When I first started working as an ArchiCAD trainer, I decided to download GDL objects from internet and make a library DVD for our clients. It was my mission for 2 weeks in the office. Whenever I was free I was working on my little project.

What was the result?

Well, I downloaded 3-4 thousand objects and made a DVD that we were giving the the clients with the purchase of ArchiCAD. (It costed me red eyes during these two weeks though)

A year after we started delivering this DVD, I went to the software "bazaar" where they sell pirated copies to check how is the demand for ArchiCAD etc:))))

I asked the price of ArchiCAD. It was 20 Lira.

Then I asked the price of AutoCAD. It was 10 Lira.

I asked why this ArchiCAD is so expensive and the reply was hilarious. They said because it comes with an extensive extra library.

Yes, you are right!

They were even pirating my library to add value to their business:)))

That was the day I understood how important content is!

 Now, Graphisoft released and you no longer need a poor little new graduate to stay in front of the computer and download objects, categorize them etc.

Just go to your Object Settings, search for what you want and you can directly download it into your project. I believe the amount of content will be a lot more than before since it is so easy to upload objects now. It is directly from ArchiCAD. I think it is very cool.

The objects will be free. This is another great advantage.

Though I would like to have paid objects in the long run. It can be like iTunes inside ArchiCAD. You make your search and you can filter as per the pricing.

Am I crazy? Why do I want paid objects?

I see a business opportunity here:)))

Airport and hospital projects! They require quite complex equipment to be modeled and the users are ready to pay but they can not find any proper content. So here I see a big opportunity for ArchiCAD experts. They can work with manufacturers, model their content and sell through Graphisoft can get their share on them as Apple does. Here Graphisoft's role is important. They have to make sure that the paid objects are "quality" objects.

We went through a  lot of headache with hospital equipment in Najaf Hospital Implementation. Curious ones can read it from here.

So how many stars does get?

Well, it is a great feature but not as impressive as Morph Tool. So if Morph tool gets 5 starts, would get 4 Stars.

Maybe I will change my mind in 43 days:)))

Diyane Koseoglu

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It looks like SkecthUp is in ArchiCAD 16!

Good Morning Everyone!

As you might already know Graphisoft announced ArchiCAD 16 yesterday.

In my previous posts, I mentioned how impressed I was with the new features of ArchiCAD 16 and I am planning to share my opinions on each new feature in the next few days.
Image from 3DVIA

Today's topic is MORPH TOOL!!!!

I knew GS was still working on free form modeling tools but my expectations were nowhere near what they actually came up with.

Watch ArchiCAD 16 - Morph Tool - Pushing and Pulling a MORPH Face Video here
(This blogger is very annoying with Youtube videos. it does not find the videos which are uploaded within the last 8-10 hours. I am sorry but if you want to see how it works you have to click the link and watch it on Youtube)

It looks like SketchUp is inside ArchiCAD!

What else can an architect want?

Please do not say "What is so special about Morph Tool's push-pull surface feature? We already had it in SketchUp?" !

Yes, you had it in SkecthUp but it was a dummy model. It was lacking the "I" in B(I)M.

However in ArchiCAD it is an integrated part of the Building Information Model, a native element.

You can get it's volume, area information or add further data that you might be using for conceptual planning.

I think this features deserves a 5 STAR!

Have a great day and nice weekend!

PS: I received an email from a Turkish architect who was not sure if I am Turkish or not. Let me clarify the confusion created by my strange name. I am 100% Turkish, born in Turkey, grow up in Turkey, studied in Turkey. Basically "Made in Turkey".

Yes, my name is not Turkish since my mother has Circasssian (Cerkez) origins.

Yes, I do speak Turkish very well! Feel free to email me in Turkish:))

One more thing I could not stop myself from mentioning. We do not have any problems with Greeks on the contrary to the general belief:)) They actually have very nice islands:))

Now I feel much better:))

Diyane Koseoglu

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I finally learned why they call Artlantis Sexy!

Hi Everyone!

It has been sooo long that I could not write on this blog. I am really very sorry about it.

As you know I was travelling and the last few days were Graphisoft's International Partner Conference in Spain.

We had the opportunity to see ArchiCAD 16 on action. It was very impressive but I am not going to say anything further since the announcement days is very very close.

I also had the opprotunity to see the latest developments on Artlantis.  They clearly mentioned me not to write anything on my blog about it:))) so I can not tell you what are the new features.

But I think there is one think they would not be angry at me if I confess here:))

Well, whenever I spoke to Abvent Team (Artlantis' developer) they always mention how "sexy" is their product.

I never truly understood what they were trying to imply! I was relating it to them being "French" :)) and did not pay much attention.

However I noticed how a "software" can be "sexy" when I saw the new version that they are working on.


That's was the best software interface design I have ever seen!

I am sure If Victoria's Secret or Armani was to design a software interface, they would not do any better:)))

Diyane Koseoglu