Monday, May 21, 2012

A brilliant idea from Zolna Murray! CMBC (Certified Model Based (AEC) Consultant)

Do you Read Zolna Murray's blog, DebunkTheBIM?

If not you should!

It is an important blog for me! The first reason is I learned what "debunk" means from that blog:))). So she not only develops your understanding of BIM but also your English:)) Highly recommended!!

Secondly, she has around 30 years experience on BIM and real BIM. She started as an ArchiCAD user as ArchiCAD being the first BIM software but now she uses almost all the BIM softwares on earth.

I like her blog because she is more of a "BIM Thinker" on her blog rather than a "BIM DOer".

She does point out important issues and most of the time suggests smart solutions.

The one I like most so far is Little Yellow Stickers.

Have you noticed them yet?
They are turning up en masse on consultants’ drawings these days!
Little golden stickers, shiny and holographic, a real candy for the eye.
They carry a message:
The consultant that provided this drawing is a CMBC (Certified Model Based (AEC) Consultant) and all the information within the marked drawing is guaranteed to be based on a 3D digital-model.
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She suggests a certification that guarantees the drawing is based on a 3D digital model.

Brilliant idea, isn't it?

Well, speak with BIM Service Providers or Contractors and hear their pain about this issue.

We see many projects which the designer claims that he used BIM and provides a model. But instead of this helping us, it makes things worse because the documentation has been separated from the model many months ago and they do not have much in common any more.

So, I support Zolna's idea totally and I hope it will be heard by vendors.


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