Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It looks like SkecthUp is in ArchiCAD 16!

Good Morning Everyone!

As you might already know Graphisoft announced ArchiCAD 16 yesterday.

In my previous posts, I mentioned how impressed I was with the new features of ArchiCAD 16 and I am planning to share my opinions on each new feature in the next few days.
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Today's topic is MORPH TOOL!!!!

I knew GS was still working on free form modeling tools but my expectations were nowhere near what they actually came up with.

Watch ArchiCAD 16 - Morph Tool - Pushing and Pulling a MORPH Face Video here
(This blogger is very annoying with Youtube videos. it does not find the videos which are uploaded within the last 8-10 hours. I am sorry but if you want to see how it works you have to click the link and watch it on Youtube)

It looks like SketchUp is inside ArchiCAD!

What else can an architect want?

Please do not say "What is so special about Morph Tool's push-pull surface feature? We already had it in SketchUp?" !

Yes, you had it in SkecthUp but it was a dummy model. It was lacking the "I" in B(I)M.

However in ArchiCAD it is an integrated part of the Building Information Model, a native element.

You can get it's volume, area information or add further data that you might be using for conceptual planning.

I think this features deserves a 5 STAR!

Have a great day and nice weekend!

PS: I received an email from a Turkish architect who was not sure if I am Turkish or not. Let me clarify the confusion created by my strange name. I am 100% Turkish, born in Turkey, grow up in Turkey, studied in Turkey. Basically "Made in Turkey".

Yes, my name is not Turkish since my mother has Circasssian (Cerkez) origins.

Yes, I do speak Turkish very well! Feel free to email me in Turkish:))

One more thing I could not stop myself from mentioning. We do not have any problems with Greeks on the contrary to the general belief:)) They actually have very nice islands:))

Now I feel much better:))

Diyane Koseoglu

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