Thursday, July 5, 2012

Rebar Modeling in ArchiCAD! from Eptar...

During the last Graphisoft Partner Conference, some other BIM Solution Providers also had stands and introduced their solutions to Graphisoft Partners.

At the end of the first break Jothi returned back to the conference room and asked me if I have seen the Rebar Solution for ArchiCAD.

This was a rumor I have been hearing for a couple of years now but to be honest I never taught it was really happening. You know Rebar Modeling is quite a complex subject. There are many software which claims they do Rebar Modeling but only very few of them does it in a reasonable way.

So I decided to meet with the guys who have the guts to take such a challenge.

Well, it's a Hungarian company called Eptar founded by two young entrepreneurs. They basically use some smart GDL objects to create the rebar. These smart rebar objects are also very well connected to the concrete elements and adjust when you modify the geometry of the concrete. They have some  demo videos below:


They are still at a very early stage but looks promising!

I wish them all the good luck to and looking forward to see a ground breaking tool:))


Diyane Koseoglu


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