Sunday, July 8, 2012

Open BIM Build London Live 2012 Award

Open BIM Build London Live!

I am sue the one who are familiar with BIM have heard of this competition.

It's quite an interesting and challenging concept.

You receive the design brief and then you have 48 hours to design and create the BIM Model. No sleep, lots of coffee, stress, fun and BIM!

This year AIDEA won! I am not surprised actually. I had the opportunity to meet with the AIDEA Team in 2009 (I conducted advanced ArchiCAD training and it was the training I enjoyed the most:))  and every single person in the team is a great person. Good architects, good people and a dedicated team to BIM.

There is a nice presentation showing the development of the design from sketches to a conceptual model. Pretty fascinating!

Another video! The team during the competition...

Cool, isn't it?

Diyane Koseoglu