Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Which one is the most popular ArchiCAD Add-on?

Today's post is about ArchiCAD add-ons but not all the ecosystem. I will talk about only the add-ons developed by Graphisoft.

Let's list them first according to their release dates:
  1. MEP Modeler
  2. EcoDesigner
  3. BIM Explorer
When it comes to listing them according to their popularities I think we need to define the word "popular"?

Is an add-on popular if it sells more?

Is an add-on popular if it gets more "Wow"s during the presentations?

Well! It is hard to decide so let's have 2 categories:)

According to our sales numbers in the Middle East, MEP Modeler is the front runner with a significant difference! I am sure  this is a shocking fact for most of you.

Let me explain.

MEP Modeler

In the Middle East, majority of the companies are multi-discipline which means they have their own architectural, structural and MEP teams. For them ArchiCAD without MEP modeler is like Browni without ice cream. (another great comparison from me  :)))

When I say majority of the companies, I am not trying to say majority of the big companies. Here, even a 5 men office would have 3 architects, 1 structural engineer and 1 MEP engineer.

What about the "Wow"s it get during the presentations?

No wow at all because people are expecting it as a default part of a BIM solution:))

BIM Explorer

Well this is the only add-on which has a balance of "wow"s and sales.
People love it when they see the presentation! Especially on iPad! Being able to navigate in the BIM Model without any training of these complicated BIM Software is a miracle for the managers as well as the project owners.

Sales numbers are also good!


This is the strangest add-on in terms of the balance of "wow"s and sales.

Since Sustainability is  "the topic" in the Middle East, EcoDesigner is the start of the meetings. Everybody is extremely impressed with the fact it runs within the BIM Software and no export/import is required. You can get your energy analysis results any time.

But when it comes to sales results, we are not very happy.

As everything related to sustainability, EcoDesigner is an add-on nice to talk about but not apply in your projects.

Unfortunately in the Middle East there are only few companies who really wants to design sustainable buildings. Most of them do not pay any attention unless it is mandated in the project. Even it is mandated, then they just fill few Excel sheets in the late stages of the project where all the design decisions are already made. Yes, this is a sad story :(

Anyway, now let's make the list...

Most Popular ArchiCAD Add-on As per Sales Number in the Middle East
  1. MEP Modeler
  2. BIMx
  3. EcoDesigner

Most Popular ArchiCAD Add-on As per "Wow"s in the Middle East
  1. EcoDesigner
  2. BIMx
  3. MEP Modeler
Quite interesting, hey?

Enjoy your day!

Diyane Koseoglu

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