Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Diyane's Top 10 ArchiCAD Features - # 6

#6 - BIMx

September 22nd, 2011!

Jumeriah Zabeel Saray, The Palm Island, Dubai. BIM Seminar organized by BIMES!

The announcement of BIMx for iPad & iPhone took place during this event! We have introduced BIMx just for 15 Minutes before the break and provided the password of the Wifi!

Every single person in the conference who had iPhone, downloaded BIMx right there! They were playing with it like kids. Trying with the 3D glasses, asking us questions...

After the conference, all the "thank you" emails we received were talking about BIMx as well.

Especially in the Middle East, BIM is treated as some sort of "rocket science". Most people are scared of it's complexity.

I believe BIMx is the tool which made people more confident. They were able to "explore" the alien "BIM" within their palms.

I am also happy that there are other solutions in the market that are trying to bring BIM to the hands of non-experts. It's very good of them to try but of course our thanks goes to Graphisoft for actually achieving it:)

Have a great weekend,

Diyane Koseoglu