Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Who owns the BIM Model?

We had a pretty good BIM User Group Meeting last night!

I had the opportunity of listening the experiences of BIM Managers of large organizations in the Middle East.

I also shared our experiences as well!
Image from Ponsulak

As you know the main topic was "Who should own the BIM model?"

Image from Stuart Miles
My answer has always been "Whoever pays the bills should own the model" :) with my pragmatic approach:))

Of course this is the answer on the  "practical" scenarios.

For instance, if we are working for the contractor, we do provide the model to the contractor only. It is his property since he paid for our services.

Did we experience that the owner requested the model? Yes!

Did the contractor give? Sometimes yes, sometimes no!

In the current contracts in the Middle East, there is no clause regarding to the BIM Model ownership. Everything is based on 2D drawings.

So it depends on the relations between the owner and contractor.

Image from Jeroen van Oostrom

I saw cases the contractor simply said "No" to the owner when he asked for the model.

I saw cases the contractor said "Yes but only if you pay me a couple of million dollars more."

I saw cases the "Sure, here you go! (of course with no liability on the model)"

Of course this are the current cases which the parties are introduced to BIM recently. If they knew more about BIM from the very beginning of the project, things would be different.

I believe as the understanding of BIM matures in the region, the contracts will be shaped accordingly from the beginning.

Diyane Koseoglu