Monday, February 27, 2012

Get there faster with ArchiCAD

Get There Faster with ArchiCAD!

This is the latest whitepaper prepared by Graphisoft US team! I truly enjoy reading their blog and I find US market quite similar to Middle East in terms of the size of companies as well as the amount of multidisciplinary firms.

If you are planning to implement BIM and you are not certain about how to do it, this whitepaper is a great source for you.

Here comes a short summary:

"From the company that brought you – Construction Computing Magazine’s 2011 BIM Product of the Year ArchiCAD 15 – the “Get There Faster with ArchiCAD” whitepaper examines five critical areas to explore before making your final BIM software selection. This paper was written with the sole purpose of providing accurate, reliable information about critical issues related to BIM and what ArchiCAD with advanced technology such as the GRAPHISOFT BIM Server(tm) provide as an answer to address these issues. We want to teach and educate in an effort to help architects make informed technology decisions.
The whitepaper shares expertise and experience from six design leaders as they describe how ArchiCAD:
  1. Improves profitability
  2. Enables agile and competitive workflow
  3. Provides fast, real-time collaboration
  4. Is easy-to-learn and simplifies the 3D workflow
  5. Makes great use of any computing power
  6. Keeps IT costs low
  7. Is a secure and proven BIM product
This document highlights what makes ArchiCAD BIM different than other BIM solutions. Find out why ArchiCAD, developed by architects for architects, is the most workable solution for today’s AEC professionals.
Download the white paper here. "

I hope you will enjoy it!

Diyane Koseoglu


  1. This is a fantastic assessment for starters. I've look at the website and indeed, it offers plenty of information about how to understand archiCAD since it also has took over as the first execution of BIM beneath Graphisoft's "Virtual Building" principle. Thanks for this.

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