Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How ArchiCAD makes Hospital Projects more successful?

Hospital Projects!

Last year majority of our BIM service works were hospital projects! Especially in the GCC in all the new hospital projects, BIM is mandated by the owner due to the complexity of the projects.
Image from photostock

Most common belief is the MEP modeling and clash detection is the toughest part of the job!

True! It is quite difficult and important but not the most challenging part.

Almost every BIM service provider or company using BIM has good skills and experience with MEP Modeling. I mean it is not a big deal, it is manageable!

The most challenging part for us was the medical equipment! In many meetings with the clients, the first thing they asked us was if we can manage medical equipment! That was the differentiator!


First of all, most of the BIM software does not have library for Medical Equipment! Except ArchiCAD of course;)) These things looks unimportant for engineers who are new to BIM but actually those are the main criterias that differentiates a mature BIM tool then others.

Here comes some of the medical equipment from ArchiCAD.

Bedside Cabinets from ArchiCAD 15 Library

Dental Chair from ArchiCAD 15 Library

Examination Bed from ArchiCAD 15 Library

Hospital Bed from ArchiCAD 15 Library
Infusion Stand from ArchiCAD Library 15

Would these be enough for your project? Of course not!

Are you going to model your own equipment?

In order to say yes, you should be crazy or extremely hard working. (probably crazy! :))
Some of these medical equipments look like "aliens" with all kinds of strange geometries:)) For example this one.
If I recall correctly, it was an equipment called "finisher" located in the laundry. As you see, it is a nightmare to model this strange thing.

What to do now?

We contacted the manufacturer and asked for the 3D Model. They normally have 3D models for their production and they are willing to provide it to you since it means "Sales" for them.

They send it in 3D DWG file format!

We directly converted it to GDL and guess what happened?

The files size of the object was close to the files size of the total hospital model:)))

After a short period of depression, we decided to open it in 3DMAX and reduce the polygon numbers, convert to 3DS file format and then take into ArchiCAD.

That was pretty successful and we found many major clashes!

As a result, we were happy, our client was happy and their client was also happy:)))


Diyane Koseoglu


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