Monday, February 6, 2012

Diyane's Top 10 ArchiCAD Features - # 8

#8 - Automatic Dimensioning

Good Old Automatic Dimensioning!

It's been around for ages but still it's the feature where we hear "WOW!" from the audience during the demos.

Not after section/elevation generation....
Not after bill of quantities...
Not after clash detection...

I think the reason is simple!

Every and each single construction professional hates dimensioning more than anything:)

Recently, I mentioned Dimension Add-on from Simple Add-ons for ArchiCAD. It basically places automatic dimensions on the sections/elevations. One of my long time dreams came true! :))

I am seriously wondering for how long I will continue hearing the same "WOW!" reaction...I think it will continue for quite a while... That's why good old automatic dimensioning made it's place to my Top 10 as #8.

Have a great day!

Diyane Koseoglu