Sunday, February 5, 2012

Diyane's Top 10 ArchiCAD Features - # 9

#9 is Image Fill!

Yes, seems like a tiny little feature but it makes your daily work a lot more easier.

Now, let's think what we would be doing if we didn't have image fills.

Sunday, first day of the week! You are already in Sunday depression.

You are drinking your coffee and preparing your "To Do" list for the day.

#1 - Prepare presentation for Koseoglu Villa

You feel like going back home. You remembered the last meeting with the client. She is a very fussy house wife and she is obsessed with the tiles. (This is my mom)

You modeled the villa with the tiles and presented it to her but she says she is feeling dizzy while navigating in the model and asked for floor plans like the one in the brochure she was holding.

Now, you need to export your plans to Photoshop and add the floor finishes room by room.

You are done!

Next item in the to do list!

Nooo! Not that easy!

You check your email and the client, the husband this time, informs you about the changes in the design!

Oups! You need to redo everything. Modify the model, export the plan to Photoshop and add the finishes!

Not nice, hey!

Thanks to Image Fills, you can do this within ArchiCAD without exporting to any other software!

If you want to see how see the video below!

#8 will be announced tomorrow!
Diyane Koseoglu