Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Diyane's Top 10 ArchiCAD Features - # 7

# 7 - MAC Support


 A small country in the Middle East! Around 3.6 million population. 1.16 million is local.

1.16 million people with a GDP of $130 billion!

Of course education is free and the quality is quite high.

I have met with several architect and engineers graduated from Kuwait University and I was quite impressed with their deep knowledge.

There are 2 things that surprised me about Kuwait.

1- Women in Business
Unlike other countries in the Middle East, women are very active in business. You would see huge holdings run by women. Even in construction industry! If you are having a meeting with the top management of any large consultant or contractor you will see ladies in key positions. This usually shocks European businessman who visits Kuwait with a prejudgement. These women are "Iron Ladies" in business! Very strong and very successful!

2- Love for Apple Products

You arrived at Kuwait!
You need to buy your visa!
You will go to the counter and the first thing you will see is iPhone of the officer on the desk. As per my experience white one is quite popular amongst the airport staff:)

Get your visa! Go to the city center!

Almost everyone uses iPhone! Unbelivable!

Last year, we conducted a workshop for a mixed team of architects, structural engineers and mechanical engineers.

Out of 12, only 10 were iPhone users.

We had a problem with the computers at the lab, so they brought their personal computers.

Half of them were MAC! This is quite a significant number! 10 years ago there were many people who never heard of it and now half of them are MAC users. The number is increasing everyday. Especially in Kuwait!

They were fascinated when they learned ArchiCAD runs natively on MAC!

I strongly believe this is a great differentiator for ArchiCAD. Why?

  1. It gives you the freedom of selecting the OS system you want. This is very important. I know so many people who uses MAC at home but they have to use PC at work. I can tell you that they don't love it at all:)
  2. More and more offices are switching to MAC these days and it will increase. If I were an MD, I would go for a BIM solution which has a mature MAC version. MDs do not like taking risks and being "beta testers".
  3. ArchiCAD's beautiful interface looks much nices on MAC:))))
Feel free to add your reasons...
Diyane Koseoglu