Sunday, November 18, 2012

Vico Office 4 Trailer - BIM for Construction

When we go to movies with my husband we have a big dilemma!

To get Banana - Nutella Crep or to watch the trailers they show prior to the movie.

These creps at the movies are so good that we have to wait 20-30 minutes in the queue. If we couldn't manage our time well and have only 10 minutes to the movie, we have to make the big, harsh decision!

Crep or Trailer!

My husband is usually more inclined to crep but me... Ohh I love the trailer more than the movies usually:)) They show you the best stuff within 2-3 minutes. Very efficient, isn't it:)

Anyway, VICO recently released the trailer for VICO Office 4 and it is as exciting as movie trailers! (No, there are no visual effects etc but the content is cool:))

Here are my highlights about VICO Office 4 Trailer:

1- In VICO, we were able to store several different models of the same project however no 2D documents. With VICO 4, you can use it as a data container for both 2D, 3D, 4D and 5D.

2 - Do you remember the post which Jothi showed a trick to make 2D DWG files visible in 3D? Well, you do not need it any more if you use VICO Office 4. It allows you to bring in 2D documents (plans, sections, elevations etc) and compare it with the model cut from the same plane in a hybrid 2D / 3D view. I loved this! It's brilliant!

    1. 3 - ArchiCAD's slider is one of the most important tools for us. When it comes to checking the collisions within the same discipline such as ARCH-ARCH, it is the best tool ever. Now it's available in VICO too! And as a bonus you can add clouds too:)

      4- I can hear you saying "What is so special introducing a feature in VICO that ArchiCAD already has?". Well, they further developed it! You can use the slider to compare 2 models. Fantastic!

      Highlighting the changes in 3D Models and adding clouds in 3D are other bonuses!

      These clouds can be reported with comments. VICO supports a collaborative resolution process. You can use it in the meetings as a discussion board and eventually it will be the minutes of the meeting! We have just spend 3 days to write the minutes a 3 days meeting:)) I really wish VICO Office 4 was released last month:))


      5 - Estimators! You no longer need to hate BIM! You can use VICO to manually take the quantities from 2D Drawings if you are in hurry and no time for modeling.


      You can even get the quantities of the wall panels that haven't been modeled in 3D!
      Curious about the other new features regarding to Schedule Planning, Cost Planning and Server? Here comes the trailer!

      If your company is interested in further developing their BIM Skills with VICO, we can help you with VICO Office Structured Evaluation Program. It is a 30 days program that allows you to fully explore the software and the process with the help of our support and training. Interested? Please contact us at

      PS: Regarding to the crep vs trailer dilemma, we usually end up watching the trailers and eating the crep after the movie:)

      Have a fabulous day!

      Diyane Koseoglu

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