Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pilot Project Selection for BIM Implementation

A very important decision...

Which project to start using BIM?

There are many different approaches...

1- Complex Projects
Some says they need to select a complex project (usually hospital) to get maximum ROI on the BIM Implementation. These people usually think that BIM Implementation is very costly and the project must have a high budget to accommodate it.

I find this approach very risky actually. Complex projects requires very strong skillful and experienced BIM users. Reaching to that level might take longer than expected.

I have seen two cases of this scenario. One of them succeeded however the second one failed.

2- Medium Projects
Most vendors recommends medium size and complexity of projects to be selected as pilot project. I think it makes sense. Lower implementation costs, less stress and higher probability of success.

Interesting but not many people prefers this option. I am not sure why? Maybe they just don't get a medium size project when they plan to implement BIM:)

3-Small Projects
I like this option too. Easy to implement and success is almost guaranteed. Many people believes ROI on small projects are very low so it does not worth to do it in BIM.

I don't agree with this at all. ROI % will be same as it requires less investment.

I wrote about the pilot projects earlier. Why I am bringing it up again?

Well, I had a meeting with a large contractor recently and they told me that they made their decision to go with BIM and selected the pilot project.

I was about to think "Here you go, another landmark project!"

But NO!

A simple, modest building! Perfect for pilot project! More importantly they understand the challenges very well. Instead of being a Don Quixote, they are approaching it with a very down to earth manner.

I am pretty sure that they will suceed:)

Have a great long weekend!

Diyane Koseoglu