Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Color Elevations and Details in ArchiCAD / Shoegnome

I normally get very very bored of technical posts without videos. Especially if they are documentation related.

However I loved Jared's recent post on colored elevations and details.

Image from Shoegnome

Much faster and easier to understand, isn't it?

Yes, you need to leave your habits and play with your pen-sets. I know setting up the pen-sets again sounds like a lot of work, but not really. He suggests a new system to manage your documentation. I also think it's a very good approach. Here, you can read from his own words:

"Each material type has pen numbers assigned to it. So all concrete has a designated foreground and background pen number. Same with wood, metal, insulation, etc. This logic of material type (not ArchiCAD element type) having corresponding pen numbers allows two things. The first, which we’ll talk about another time, is to change any fill pattern between empty, solid, and a specific vectorial hatch. The second is to switch between specific colors and black and white. Most of us have been using a variant of this trick since ArchiCAD 10: drafting in color, but having a printing Pen Set that is mostly black and white. It’s easy to make the mental leap to a Pen Set that allows you to produce quality black and white details, and also toggle on colors for increased legibility when necessary. This is not an either/or proposition. I think it’s important to develop your details to function in both color and black and white."

Want to read the rest of his post? Here you go!

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Diyane Koseoglu