Thursday, February 16, 2012

Diyane's Top 10 ArchiCAD Features - # 1

# 1 - Shell Tool

Bridge between creative design minds and the construction.

First of all it is FLEXIBLE and gives the designer full FREEDOM!

However it is not feature which makes Shell Tool unique!

There are several tools in the market which allows you to model your "crazy" ideas.

But how many of them can actually link it to the real life construction? How many of them can actually generate proper documentation with including all the components of a structure?

Not many!

Amongst these few, Shell Tool has the most versatile documentation features. The ability of using composite fills is an awesome features which sets Shell Tool apart from the competition.

In my opinion, this is what construction industry needs these days!

So Shell Tool deserves to get the Gold Medal in my list!

Enjoy Your Weekend!

Diyane Koseoglu
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