Sunday, February 5, 2012

Diyane's Top 10 ArchiCAD Features - # 10

Why do we love ArchiCAD? I am sure you all have your own reasons!

And I have mine:))

In order to build the excitement we are starting from the last one:)))

10 - Curtain Wall Tool

With no doubt, ArchiCAD's Curtain Wall Tool is the most sophisticated curtain wall tool amongst all the BIM Software. I have heard this statement from "implementation specialists" of other vendors too.
Why ArchiCAD's Curtain Wall is the best?
Custom Caps and Frames!

The ability to create custom components even for caps and frames! This feature impresses all the BIM Gurus regardless of their favorite software.


When Graphisoft released ArchiCAD 12 and introduced Curtain Wall, the product designer created a small mountain house using only this tool. Walls, roofs, railings... Basically everything was made of curtain wall. (Dont' get me wrong! I am not saying forget all the other tools and use curtain wall only:)) I look for some pictures of it but unfortunately no chance this time.

There is a nice article on AECbytes which I enjoyed reading. Curtain wall is used to model decking!

Free Rotate in 3D!

Curtain wall is the first tool which Graphisoft introduced the new "Free Rotate" command in 3D. As you remember the first seeds of free form modeling was sown with ArchiCAD 10, introduction of Complex Profiles. Free Rotate development was a continuation of "give designers more freedom" movement and I really appreciate it:))

Perfect Coordination between Model and Documentation

I saw many free form curtain wall models done with other softwares. They look all pretty from a distance but when you go into details... OMG! The joints are not correct, surfaces explodes in certain parts! You basically can not generate proper documentation out of it!

In ArchiCAD, you would not experience this!

#9 will be announced tomorrow!
PS: Feel free to share your Top 10 :)

Diyane Koseoglu


  1. Great idea to list your top ten! Looking forward to the next 9! I'll have to think about what my 10 are.


  2. Thanks Jared! Share your to 10 as well please:)

  3. Hi Diyane , sure shell tool and its free rotation i think this is my first top feature , and hope to find horizontal modeling tool collecting ( slab, mesh and roof )tools and also vertical one collecting (wall , beam and column )tools , then upgrading shell tool to be for organic modeling , thanks to BIMES.

  4. Hi Qewi,
    I did not put Shell Tool to the top of my list since I believe it should be more user friendly. I totally agree with you in other comments:)
    Thank you for sharing your ideas with us.

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