Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Decision Makers! Please do your homework about BIM!

The image above represents the Vico Engagement Plan in the USA.

In USA, it would take a contractor  9 weeks start with 4D and 5D BIM training or pilot project. I believe this is a very reasonable period if the decision makers do their homework.

What about in the Middle East? We usually spend 9 to 12 months introducing the software and 4D&5D process.

As you see the difference is huge! In USA it is 9 weeks and in the Middle East it is 48 weeks!


Unfortunately the decision makers don't do their homework in the Middle East! They mostly wait for spoon feeding!


Are they too busy? I don't think so! It's recession time. No company is overloaded with projects these days. (Except us :)))

Dear Decision Makers,

First watch our 5D BIM for Contractors Video please!

Please do your homework! Make sure that your team evaluates the software and process properly during the "Evaluation / Trial" period!

Evaluation period is the time when one of our implementation specialists is dedicated to anwser all your questions. Feel free to keep them busy;)

I will also appreciate if you do not call us asking directly for  a "BIM Quotation" :))

BIM is a process, not a tool! :)

Enjoy your weekend!
I hope we will not have any sandstorms! Cross your fingers:)

Diyane Koseoglu

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