Saturday, January 14, 2012

Shell Tool in Action!

Middle East!

Where the dreams of Architects come true!

The tallest, the most slanted, the biggest, the most luxurious, the most sustainable buildings... They all come true in this part of the world!

Our clients... They looove free form designs... My colleague Jothi receives a lot of questions about the new Shell Tool.

We wanted to share one of the recent ones.

This is one of the facade elements that our client designed by using ArchiCAD Shell Tool. At this stage I can not tell / show you more about the rest of the project but we will publish the case study soon.  As you know we need to get approvals etc.

Anyway, our client modeled it but since they were still in the design process

- sketch...
- model...
- nope... let's change here a bit more....
- modify..
- seems ok...
- not really... let's change here...

They ended up with so many operations and the result element was basically freezing even their super computers.

By the time, we received the model the design was final. So Jothi just made a "reverse engineering" and modeled the same geometry by using the same "Shell Tool" and operations. The result is a lot more lighter tough since he worked a bit more cleaner...

For the curious ones, here you have a video showing how to model it in a few steps.

PS: The video is uploaded to YouTube but  YouTube is being a bit nasty today. Although it has been more than 8 hours it is still not listed in the searches. Anyway, here comes the YouTube link!

Diyane Koseoglu
Jothi Shanmugam


  1. Nice tutorial!
    Very useful.
    Too bad the resolution of the video is poor.

    Very good sharing.
    keep the good work.

    Victor Silva @ Lisbon, Portugal

  2. Hi Victor,

    Thank you very much for your comment. I will discuss the resolution issue with Jothi. We will definitely keep the good work:)

    Diyane Koseoglu

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Fantastic tutorial. What a great example of the shell tool's power! I just wrote a short blog post sharing this with my readers. Can't wait to see more videos like this from you guys!

    Jared Banks

  5. Thanks Jared! I am glad you liked it. We were not expecting such an interest on the blog from all over the world. WE are quite happy at the moment and now I have more motivations/reasons to bug Jothi for more videos:))

  6. You need to get some of this up on GrabCAD ( and show them that ArchiCAD can hold its own with SolidWorks and the others.

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