Monday, January 16, 2012

Simple Addons for ArchiCAD

Hi All,

Today has been a busy day for all BIMES team.

Almost everyone was travelling for different projects but at the end of the day we all met in the hotel.

After a long time I had the opportunity to meet with my colleague Fady Londy from our Cairo office. I am calling this as "opportunity" because this guy has amazing knowledge and experience about BIM solutions, especially with ArchiCAD!

Whenever I meet with him, i always gain something:) Nice renders for my presentations, cool BIMx models etc. this time it was very valuable information.

Just after we had dinner, while I was trying to keep my eyes open (I woke up at 4:30am)he opened his laptop and came next to me. When I looked at him i recognized that smile:) it was " i have something amazing" smile!

And he showed me this beatufil set of add-ons that i have not heard before.

Placing dimensioning on sections & elevations automatically, adjusting the elements' height when changing the story height were the main features that left my mouth open!

When i see these beatufil pieces of addons i cant stop thinking why Graphisoft does not acquire these and make it available within ArchiCAD? That would make our wishlist shorter:)))

PS: This post was written yesterday but when i was about to complete it and publish i noticed that i am about to miss my flight:)
Diyane Koseoglu