Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hiring the right people for your BIM Team!

There is a very popular topic in linked in.

ArchiCAD vs Revit

701 comments so far and it is increasing every day.

At the beginning it was quite interesting.
But after  a couple of weeks I lost interest.

The main reason was comments were basically repeating the same things with different words.

(some comments were too long and boring as well.)

A couple of days ago, I saw few interesting comments and returned back to the popular, old topic.

People were discussing the availability of architects/engineers with the knowledge of a specific software is a criteria for selecting BIM software to use.

Well, if a company hires me just because of the software skills I have, I would be quite offended and probably would not accept the job.

I think an architect or an engineer should be more than the software s/he uses.

Last year, we provided an HR consultancy service for a medium size contractor. Our responsibility was to test the applicant's ArchiCAD BIM skills.

We have interviewed around 10 persons and some of them were quite good actually. We wrote our reports and send with the actual test results?

Guess what happened?

They did not hire any of them. They hired an architect with 0 BIM knowledge!

Yes, he did not know anything about BIM but he was smart, experienced and a very good architect.

I think this was the right decision.

We trained their new architect for 10 days and applied the same test and his result was the highest so far.

So, be smart! Select the best BIM Software based on your company needs and hire good people!

Success will be inevitable!

Diyane Koseoglu
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  1. After graduation, I was employed primarily for my Archicad skills, and I continued to move jobs mostly due to my Archicad skills. But I think the more experience I gained as a professional, the less important it became which BIM platform I knew. However, I did tend to move into Archicad related job or tried to encourage the use of Archicad where it wasn't used.
    Perhaps it's a little "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" syndrome where one has passion for a particular side, or the "Old Dog New Tricks", am I too lazy to learn a new platform when I'm quite happy using the one I've always used?
    But yes, depends on the job, the work, and where you're going on your career path - which BIM is really just a small part of the decision.

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