Thursday, January 5, 2012

BIM vs Outlook

Many people are asking me about BIM Business in the region.

People are definitely enjoying talking about BIM, attending BIM seminars, reading case studies etc but when it comes to action...Hmmm...
UAE BIM Seminar, 22 September 2011, by BIMES

Organizations are too slow in making any kind of decision. Once I met with an IT Manager working for a consultancy and he told me that he had been working on implementing "Outlook" in his company for the last 6 months.

First I thought he was joking and packed out laughing. But then I noticed he is serious and this was even funnier than a joke:)))

At this stage i made a calculation based on my learning curve...

I learned Outlook probably in 10 minutes and I learned ArchiCAD in 40 hours.

If this company implements Outlook in 6 months then it will take them to implement any BIM software in 120 years:)))) In 2132, they will be BIM users..Maybe :)))

Ok! Enough of empty talk.... Let's be serious again.

Of course the example above was an extreme case maybe with some exaggeration. Though I have witnessed extreme cases on the opposite side as well.

Two companies started implementation of ArchiCAD just one day after our meeting:) I love this kind of people:) 

How about the majority?

Well, once the decision of switching to BIM is made by the management it usually takes 1-2 years to investigate the software available in the market.Then another year to implement it.

As you see, it is very very slow but promising:)

Diyane Koseoglu


  1. Dear Diyane - the above is so true and a mission that I have commenced upon myself to try and re-educate my current employer into utilising the BIM software they already have (ArchiCAD) and understanding the power - the problem is where do you begin??!! If you have any advise or powerpoint presentations/statistics/images etc. etc. (or any other users here) that I may be able to "borrow" or even if you know of anyone here (we are based in ABu Dhabi) that might be able to help in my mission it would be greatly appreciated. Great site by the way.

    1. Hi,
      Thank you very much for your kind comments!

      Yes, implementing a brand new process requires a lot of convincing:)

      These days I am heavily using the Building Smart's Middle East BIM Survey 2011. The facts there are quite convincing. I also have some presentations that i can share with you.

      Please email me on so that i can share it with you.

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