Sunday, January 29, 2012

Where are the BIMers of the Middle East?

My new hobby is to check the "stats" page of our blog. I am checking it out almost every 2 hours as long as I have internet access.

I am like a kid at the moment. Every new hit is making me so happy that you can not even imagine:)

Last week, when I was checking the "Audience" part I was shocked!

In the Top 10, there is no single country from Middle East.

Let me give you the list of top 10 countries of last week:)

This reminds me the BuildingSmart's "BIM in the Middle East 2011" survey.

In that report, United States was the first country in terms of number of BIM users and it was followed by Western Europe.

Tough I am no longer sure about the "25%" of GCC:)) If this number is correct then where are you guys? May be the BIMers in the Middle East do not really enjoy reading:))

Just kidding! Our earlier posts such as BIM vs OutlookBIM for Kids and Shell Tool in Action were very popular in the Middle East and North Africa as well.

Anyway, thank you very much for following our blog! Every and each member of BIMES team is very very pleased seeing that our efforts on this blog is really appreciated by the BIM community all over the world:)

Have a great day!

Diyane Koseoglu


  1. how are the hits counted? Do you have to be logged in or any read counts?

  2. Hi dJOLE,

    As far as i know any read counts!

    1. Hi Diyane, i'm so shocked also for this results but i can raise my hands and wave for you that i'm here enjoying BIM with my favorite ArchiCAD , thanks for all your posts, cheers.

  3. Hi Qewi, thanks for your kind comments and support:) They really motivate us.
    By the way, today's stats are better. Now UAE and Saudi is in the Top 10:)

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