Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Is face-to-face training really required for learning BIM Software?

Hi All,

Lately we are receiving a lot of requests for ArchiCAD and VICO trainings due to the increasing popularity of the BIM in the Middle East region.

Face-to-Face training requests from companies is understandable for me since they usually have special requirements and a tailored training suits them more. Plus their needs are more on the "process" rather than the actual tool in most of the cases.

However when it comes to individuals, I am not sure if face-to-face trainings of ArchiCAD and VICO is really needed. Both softwares have already enormous amount of Interactive Training Guides on their websites.

Even in our company, if a new team member has lack of knowledge on ArchiCAD Collaboration, we do not conduct a training for him. We just give him the link to the ArchiCAD Collaboration Interactive Training Guides (ITG).

Both ArchiCAD and VICO ITGs are very user friendly (we can even call them as idiot proof) and efficient. For instance, someone who is totally new to ArchiCAD can learn the essentials of the workflow with in 8 hours. ITG will be take you through the core  design, design-development and documentation concepts and techniques of ArchiCAD and by the end of 8 hours you will have a completed 10.000 m2 office building project:)

You can download ArchiCAD Essentials ITG from here.

VICO has similar videos specifically targeting Cost Planners and Schedule Planners.

You can download the VICO Training Videos from here.

So, everything is available on the net for FREE! Self-study them and keep your skills up-to-date with market requirements.

Diyane Koseoglu


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