Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Can "Priority" settings in ArchiCAD make you 32 times faster than other BIM Tools?

Model based quantites!

New starter to BIM usually believes that if you have a model you can extract accurate quantities out of it.

But not always! Accuracy depends on the method of modelling.

For instance, designers/consultants models the columns from slab top to slab bottom so the model is also suitable for analysis software.

However, contractors prefers modeling from slab top to slab top due to the quantity surveying standards in the Middle East.

If you want accurate quantities from your model you should develop a "Modeling Guide for QS".

When you start preparing the standards, things will get more and more complicated as soon as the other construction elements such as walls, beams etc comes into the game.

However with the right priority seetings in ArchiCAD, you can manage to get accurate quantities without worrying to much about the modeling method.

This was the main reason that our BIM Service Team selected ArchiCAD as the main BIM Modeling Tool.

During our evaluation we noticed that due to the unavailability of "priority" settings in other BIM Tools, you have to find workarounds  by clumsier modeling methods which increases your modeling time 32 times compared to ArchiCAD.

We did our tests on a very simple model. (See below image)

If you set the priorities right, ArchiCAD will deduct the overlapping quantities such as column&wall or beam&beam intersections. However in other BIM Tools we have tested, you have to create individual walls in between columns since there is no other practical way of deducting the quantities.

Yes, ArchiCAD increases our BIM Service Team's productivity so our boss is in love with ArchiCAD:)))


Diyane Koseoglu

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