Sunday, January 22, 2012

Save $$$ even before starting with BIM

Well, as we all know world's economy is not having it's best years!

Especially the smaller companies are suffering a lot!

During the recession in 2008-2009, large companies shrunk to half of their actual size. Sometimes even more. But the smaller companies did not have the room for shrinking! Shrinking meant closing for many of them!

So how can a small company can survive these tough days!

We all know BIM increases productivity, quality of the output etc. I am not going to talk about these well known facts!

How BIM can make your small business survive  these days is by "differentiating" your company from the competition!

Now assume that you are having your meeting with the client!

You can be sure that all your competitors are showing him pretty pictures of their projects.

So you have to differentiate yourself but how?

Use BIM as a supporting sales feature for your company.

- Your company uses the latest technology (BIM) which means you will deliver him the highest quality project. This will built trust.

- Give him a BIMx model that he can explore on his iPad or iPhone. He will be so impressed with you!

- Make a quick enery analysis with EcoDesigner and show him how much you are saving on his running costs by adding those shaders.

This list can continue depending on your creativity:)


I can almost hear you saying "I am telling you that I am suffering financially and you are telling me make huge investments to survive"

No! Not at all!
If you are a small practice, start with a small investment as well!

Instead of getting a full featured BIM software such as ArchiCAD 15 begin with ArchiCAD STAR(T) Edition!

It is a tailored solution for small companies. It does not have all the functions that a large office would need (such as BIM Server and Teamwork) but it does cover all the essentials of small ones.

Then, In the future, when the financial situation improves and your business grows you can upgrade it to the ArchiCAD full version!

Do not pay for training!

Internet is full of free content! Just download the Interactive Training Guides from Graphisoft's website and spend around 20-30 hours and you should be up and running!

Dont miss the opportunity to develop your business! In 5 years time BIM will no longer be a differentiator!

Diyane Koseoglu