Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Announcement of the Lucky Draw Winner is tomorrow!

In my last post, I said things had slowed down so I will be able to write everyday.

After that sentence I traveled more than 15000 km and most of the time I did not have internet access, at least proper internet access.

Anyway, I arrived yesterday morning and there were 23 zillion emails waiting for me to reply so I was quite busy and di not have a chance to come to my dear blog.

However today I am dedicated to  social media:))

First thing I checked how BIMES blog is doing! Not so good:( Since I have not written for a while not many people visited:(

Then I checked how BIMES FB page is doing. Wow! That's great news!

We reached 500 likes!!!!

I am not sure if you remember but we promised to make a lucky draw once we hit 500 likes and the prize would be a  Lacoste T-Shirt! Why Lacoste T-Shirt? I don't know really. Himm Just a second. I think we decided to give away Lacoste T-Shirts after seeing the shoes that Zaha Hadid designed for Lacoste. I really loved them.
Image Courtesy Lacoste

If you ask me why we do not give those shoes then, the answer is simple.
Image Courtesy Lacoste

Because we couldn't find any:)))

Anyway, the big day is tomorrow!

We will announce the winner:)))

Keep an eye on us:)

Diyane Koseoglu

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