Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Diyane's Top 4 Most User-friendly Interface Desings in ArchiCAD

For the last few days I am obsessed with connecting my iPad and Blackberry to my car's bluetooth.

Well, it have been quite an adventure actually.

First I tried to do it myself without reading the manual!
It didn't work:(

Second I tried to go to the service center!
I drove around 20km and just after entering the service center I noticed that my phone is enjoying its time at home:((

Third I read the unfriendliest manual ever and try to setup myself.
It worked:)) But only for one day.

The next day if the iPad connects then Blackberry is not found. If the Blackberry connects then not the iPad. If I try to fix the connections then none of them works. I have no idea how and why.

And you should see the interface of the car's bluetooth connection system. Kind of nightmare! I am sure it is not designed for humans.

Actually I hear similar comments from the construction professionals who are new to BIM.

Now, I hear them:)))

Talking about the complex interfaces I wanted to list the most user-friendly interfaces in ArchiCAD. Let's start:

Model View Options
I love the previews that shows you every change you make. It used to be a nightmare to teach this feature in the old version which did not have the preview.

Object Settings
Good old object preview is a rocker, we all know that. I also love the graphical object settings. It's great to see the image of the tap you are going to use instead of just seeing a text.

Standard Steel Profile Database Import
I like the graphics that shows which size belongs to where. Don't get me wrong. I am not saying it's perfect. I think there is still room for development:)) but pretty good even as it is...


Project Preferences
I think showing the dimension type just with Graphics is very cool and artistic:)) Wow! I made such a strong statement:)))

Well, there are some more but my time allocated to this post is over:))

See you tomorrow.


Diyane Koseoglu