Sunday, May 6, 2012

How many stars for

When I first started working as an ArchiCAD trainer, I decided to download GDL objects from internet and make a library DVD for our clients. It was my mission for 2 weeks in the office. Whenever I was free I was working on my little project.

What was the result?

Well, I downloaded 3-4 thousand objects and made a DVD that we were giving the the clients with the purchase of ArchiCAD. (It costed me red eyes during these two weeks though)

A year after we started delivering this DVD, I went to the software "bazaar" where they sell pirated copies to check how is the demand for ArchiCAD etc:))))

I asked the price of ArchiCAD. It was 20 Lira.

Then I asked the price of AutoCAD. It was 10 Lira.

I asked why this ArchiCAD is so expensive and the reply was hilarious. They said because it comes with an extensive extra library.

Yes, you are right!

They were even pirating my library to add value to their business:)))

That was the day I understood how important content is!

 Now, Graphisoft released and you no longer need a poor little new graduate to stay in front of the computer and download objects, categorize them etc.

Just go to your Object Settings, search for what you want and you can directly download it into your project. I believe the amount of content will be a lot more than before since it is so easy to upload objects now. It is directly from ArchiCAD. I think it is very cool.

The objects will be free. This is another great advantage.

Though I would like to have paid objects in the long run. It can be like iTunes inside ArchiCAD. You make your search and you can filter as per the pricing.

Am I crazy? Why do I want paid objects?

I see a business opportunity here:)))

Airport and hospital projects! They require quite complex equipment to be modeled and the users are ready to pay but they can not find any proper content. So here I see a big opportunity for ArchiCAD experts. They can work with manufacturers, model their content and sell through Graphisoft can get their share on them as Apple does. Here Graphisoft's role is important. They have to make sure that the paid objects are "quality" objects.

We went through a  lot of headache with hospital equipment in Najaf Hospital Implementation. Curious ones can read it from here.

So how many stars does get?

Well, it is a great feature but not as impressive as Morph Tool. So if Morph tool gets 5 starts, would get 4 Stars.

Maybe I will change my mind in 43 days:)))

Diyane Koseoglu


  1. Can hardly wait for it to go live...

  2. Ha, ha, you became quite famous with that library! :D
    Love the story, and your blog.

    Keep it that way mate, this is one of the best architectural real-life issues/impressions blog out there!

  3. Hi Djordje,

    I am glad you liked the story and I am very happy to hear your nice comments:))


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