Thursday, May 17, 2012

BIM Language

Azerbaijan and Turkey uses different dialects of Turkish but we still understand eachother and communicate well.

However there are some words we use for totally different meanings so we have a lot of funny stories related to this misunderstandings.

Once a friend of mine told me that he was flying with Azerbaijan Airways. Announcements were quite easy for him to understand so he felt very comfortable.

Towards the end of the flight an announcement gave him almost a heart attack!

"We will start crashing within 10 minutes!"

What would you do if you hear such an announcement! Well, he was about to freak out but he noticed that everybody else is calm.

Himm, something is strange here!!!

The gentlemen next to him noticed his white face and start laughing.

Here you go: The word they use in Azeri Dialect for landing means crashing in our dialect:)))

Why am I telling you this story?

Lately almost everyone heard about BIM and many claims they understand it. But the problem is understanding of BIM changes from person to person. Even the terminology! 

We are spending a lot of time making our statements as clear as possible to our clients but it is very hard to avoid confusions.

As a solution, I am recommending our clients to have a look at Penn State's BIM websites. The main BIM Uses are defined in a very clear way and it is usually very helpful to the BIM beginners:)

I hope you will find it helpful as well.

PS: By the way, I hope my friend did not make up the story:))

Have a  fabulous weekend!