Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I finally learned why they call Artlantis Sexy!

Hi Everyone!

It has been sooo long that I could not write on this blog. I am really very sorry about it.

As you know I was travelling and the last few days were Graphisoft's International Partner Conference in Spain.

We had the opportunity to see ArchiCAD 16 on action. It was very impressive but I am not going to say anything further since the announcement days is very very close.

I also had the opprotunity to see the latest developments on Artlantis.  They clearly mentioned me not to write anything on my blog about it:))) so I can not tell you what are the new features.

But I think there is one think they would not be angry at me if I confess here:))

Well, whenever I spoke to Abvent Team (Artlantis' developer) they always mention how "sexy" is their product.

I never truly understood what they were trying to imply! I was relating it to them being "French" :)) and did not pay much attention.

However I noticed how a "software" can be "sexy" when I saw the new version that they are working on.


That's was the best software interface design I have ever seen!

I am sure If Victoria's Secret or Armani was to design a software interface, they would not do any better:)))

Diyane Koseoglu