Sunday, August 5, 2012

Manicure and BIM Services

I was extremely impressed when I had my first manicure in Dubai.

The manicure artists gave me maybe 254 facts about nails, cuticles, fingers and even how to polish the rings:)) End result was also amazing... Nails were perfectly smooth, the fingers looked longer and thinner then they are!
Image from Sera Beauty Lounge

Of course I asked her how come she knows so much about nails and gives the same shape and smoothness to each nail. Her reply was quite simple.

She has been  doing this for 5 years and she has been getting weekly trainings on the new products, trends and massage etc.

Experience and Continious Training! Key to the success!

It sounded very similar to my reply when our clients ask how come BIMES is so productive?

1- We have a very experienced team!
2- We have 2 full time engineers dedicated to develop workflows, modeling guides and best practices.

What do these 2 do during the day? They basically try find answers to the questions below:
  • At what stage should we add concrete grade to the model? 
  • Which team should add such info? 
  • How much would it slow that specific process? 
  • How much would it speed up the next process?
  • What more can we add to the template to speed up the modelers?
Is this all? No!  They also:
  • Create internal training videos on company standards so that our experienced team members do not spend much time on training/replying the new members.
  • Update company templates
  • Create custom components (we even sold some of our developments to the vendors:))
  • and many more
(Some of these were shared with you as well.)

As you see, success is no coincidence:))

Have a great day!

Diyane Koseoglu

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