Monday, August 13, 2012

Why large contractors are switching from other BIM Tools to ArchiCAD?

Recently there is a new trend which is quite interesting.

Large contractors are switching from other BIM Tools to ArchiCAD.

Common things with these contractors are:
  • Invested large amount of time and resources on the implementation of other BIM Tools.
  • Developed  significant materials on the BIM Tool they implemented initially. These materials include templates, modeling guides and standards
  • Have not investigated ArchiCAD before making the decision of implementing other BIM Tools.
  • They all have very professional teams who are perfectionists and they check the outputs very carefully. Making dummy models for clash detection is not what they want. They want real BIM. With "I" in the middle.
What I see is after a couple of projects with other BIM Tools, they start searching for other options and start establishing an ArchiCAD team. They run some projects in parallel and finally decide to continue with ArchiCAD.

Here the important question is "Why? Why do they change to ArchiCAD after investing so much in another BIM Tool?"

It's not because ArchiCAD has a beautifully designed interface!
It's not because BIM Server makes life so easy!
It's not because ArchiCAd is a much more mature solution!
(I mean all of above are true but they usually do not justify burning up all the investment done)


Quantities are the "Deal Maker" or "Deal Breaker" for contractors. If your BIM Tool does not give you accurate quantities, it will cost you profitability and sometimes even the project. (I wrote a post earlier about getting accurate quantities with minimum efforts actually. You can read it from here.)

This means switching to a ArchiCAD and getting accurate quantities will payoff within the first project even. I am pretty sure the savings on the first project will cover up both the implementation cost of ArchiCAD and the money and time invested on the previous tool.

As you see, it makes sense:)) Wise decision...

Actually they also mention the way ArchiCAD handles large models was also an important criteria! But I don't think it's the main reason. (This is my personal, humble opinion:)))

As my boss always says "Contractor is Contractor" :)))

PS: I haven't seen this trend with architects and consultants. They usually stick with the first tool they implement. Interesting, right?

Diyane Koseoglu