Tuesday, August 21, 2012

2 Projects from Middle East in ArchiCAD 16 Installer Images


Today is the first working day after the Eid Holiday. 4 nice days...

I had a bit of difficulty to come to the office this morning. It was like a "Monday Stress on Steroids":)

Anyway, I am here with good news...

We have been awarded as BIM Service Provider for a "prestigious" project in the Middle East. Amazing design, amazing location and wow names... I am dying to give the details but we have not signed a marketing agreement yet so I do not want to get into trouble. I am sorry but we need to wait some time.

Talking about "prestigious" projects, have you seen the projects from our clients in the ArchiCAD 16 installer? Al Mohanna Tower, Qatar and Emirates German Hospital, UAE.

In my meetings, many times I heard the sentence below:

"I know ArchiCAD is very popular in Europe and Australia but it's fairly unknown in the Middle East."

Well, now I can easily say
"Not really! Just try installing ArchiCAD 16, you will see it yourself:)"

Have a great day!
Diyane Koseoglu


  1. Hehehe! I don't know why but my mind is already set to ArchiCAD 17. Probably because of the gossips I heard:))

  2. Hi Bimes!
    I was looking for some informations about these buildings showed in ArchiCAD 16 instalation and I found your blog. Very Cool!Keep the good work!

    I'm the noletoblog's author, there I teach some tips and posted some informations about AC as well.

  3. HI Murilo,

    Thanks for the kind words! Both of them are great projects. We have some more extremely cool projects and I would love to see them on ArchiCAD installers but getting the marketing authorization is such a big issue here:(

    We will keep an eye on your blog too!


  4. Hi Diyane I once saw a youtube video link of the Dubai metro station done in archicad 16 on the bimes website. It was a demonstration of how the metro station roof can be done using the shell tool in archicad. Please help me with the link

  5. Here you go Steve! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBmZZTeW-D0
    Please kindly notice this is just a remodeling of Atkins beautiful design:)