Wednesday, August 1, 2012

BIMx Model Transfer - Cloud Service for Sharing BIM Models

BIMx! Exploring BIM Models on iPad or iPhone and now on Android!

This is the star of our meetings lately.

We are also doing it "Steve Jobs" style. Going through the technical details during the meeting and and just before closing the meeting we say:

"By the way, here comes your project on iPad! Would you like to explore it?"

You know top manager loves iPad adn when they see their project on iPad they fall in love with it once more. They start playing with it like a kid. While they are enjoying their experience we turn the stereo on and give them 3D Glasses! Pheww!

Another successful meeting concluded!

It really help us a lot in getting projects.

And it is the same for our clients. They do the same trick.

Today I have good news for BIMx users with SSA (Software Service Agreement).

Graphisoft offers a new service called "The BIMx Model Transfer Service". This is basically a "Cloud-service" which offers 1GB cloud storage space for each commercial BIMx license they own. It is similiar to the good-old share on Facebook features but now you can set different levels of access. Three levels of model access are available to Premium Users:

  • Public Sharing : Models automatically appear on the Facebook community site.
  • Private Sharing/ Hidden: Models will not appear publicly, but are accessible without restriction via the direct URL associated with the model.
  • Private Sharing/ Protected: Models will not appear publicly and are not accessible without the direct model URL and password set during the upload process – each model can have its own password.
Registration process is quite simple. The instructions are available here.

Enjoy sharing your BIM Models and getting more business:))

TGI Thursday! Weekends start here:)) Have a fabulous weekend!

Diyane Koseoglu

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