Sunday, March 25, 2012

BIM for IT Team

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IT team! They are "the team" I always respect a lot and try to have good relations with since they know everything that I do not:))

However the client visit I had yesterday was exactly the opposite case.

Let me tell you the story in more detail.

Our client is a very strong BIM Server user! They deal with large projects and large teams so BIM Server is the technology they can not live without. Since it is so vital for them every architect and engineer in the BIM team knows BIM Server inside out.

Don't tell me "Ohh it's so simple! What can they know more than "Send&Receive? "

Well, restoring the BIM Server with all users, rolling back the projects, migrating the server to a different computer are not complicated commands for them.

But these are the architects and engineers not the IT guys.

To be honest, we made a mistake with them during the BIM Implementation. We did not manadate the IT team to attend the trainings, especially the BIM Server training.

What is the consequence of this mistake?

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 Whenever IT guys touch any computer  of the BIM Team, they "destroy" something:)) But they really do destroy.

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So now, the BIM guys do not want anyone from IT to enter their room even. They even told me the two computers that they never let IT to touch are working perfectly. The rest? No comment:))

Actually the problem is IT has no idea about the consequences of their modifications on BIM Server. They claim what they did was a tiny little innocent change.

What is the lesson learnt from yesterday's visit?

BIM Server Training for IT!

We will start working on a 1-Day course tailored for IT. The course will cover license sharing, basic trouble shooting and BIM Server.
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Hopefully this will bring peace to IT and BIM team's relationship:))

PS: Jothi's latest video about how to restore your BIM Server including users, projects, libraries and access rights in Windows OS is now available.

Diyane Koseoglu
Jothi Shanmugam