Thursday, March 8, 2012

I can not wait for ArchiCAD 16!

Hi All!

Last night at 21:44 I received an email on my BlackBerry!
Image from Stuart Miles

Some confidential news about ArchiCAD 16! I had just returned from a long walk and I was tired! I was not planning to read that 21 page document until I saw the Executive Summary! Wow! I read the whole document breathless!
Image from digitalart


I have never been this much excited about any ArchiCAD releases before!

It has everything you have been asking for!

Morever, it has so many cool stuff you have not even noticed you needed yet:))

As soon as we are allowed to speak about it, we will spread the word with conferences, newsletters, new features training events and several live online seminars to make sure that you are all aware of it:))

Can't wait!!!

Diyane Koseoglu

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  1. It looks like this is really interesting, because of all the archiCAD designs. This ArchiCAD 16 is very in demand in the industry.