Thursday, March 22, 2012

Is BIM luxury for your business?

As you know I have been meeting with designers, contractors, project managers and owners regarding to BIM Implementation.

In majority of these meetings, the top management knows the term BIM.

But still there is a common perception of BIM as a "Luxury" item and they need to get BIM only if they have surplus in their budget.

This is quite strange to me.

What we discuss in the meetings is simple! In all the large projects BIM is mandated currently and this is getting more and more common everyday.

Everyone agrees because most of them has also seen the tender documents where BIM is mandated.

Now what do you expect to happen?

If it was me, I would take BIM as a MUST TO HAVE technology to keep my business in the game!

But what happens in real life is usually the opposite. Especially the contractors still continue questioning the technology. Is it really more productive? How much would it save in a project? Why do we need to change?

Come on! We are no longer in early 2000s! I shouldn't be hearing these questions in 2012. Especially after you guys seeing all these tenders!

Sometimes I feel like the older generation construction professionals avoid "change" as much as possible.

It kind of reminds me this image I saw on Facebook today:)

We will see the days people are no longer questioning BIM insallah:))

Cheers and have a fabulous weekend!

Diyane Koseoglu