Saturday, March 24, 2012

BIM & Eyeglasses

Image from Jeroen van Oostrom

I lost my eyeglasses! It has been a week and I can no longer stand it.

 Image from digitalarts

I am writing this post with an extreme headache and pain on my eyes.

I noticed that the symptoms of not having eyeglasses and not using BIM is quite similiar:))

Here comes the symptoms:
  • A constant headache
  • Inefficiency
  • Not willing to look at computer screen (in my case the brightness is just hurting my eyes but in "not using BIM case" you would be sick of drafting and not wiling to look at that screen 24/7)
  • Dying to get some technological gadget (such as ArchiCAD  & Vico or new glasses:)) to overcome all your troubles
I did take an action, ordered my new glasses. Hopefully I will get them tomorrow.

Dear Non-BIMrs,

For your own sake please take an action! Life is too short to live with all those troubles of the traditional CAD:)


Diyane Koseoglu