Monday, March 5, 2012

An interview with Ahmet Saffarini, CEO of Eng. Adnan Saffarini Consultants

You can find it on the coffee tables of all the companies somehow involved in construction business in the Middle East.
In their March Issue, they had an interview with Ahmed Saffarini, the CEO of Eng. Adnan Saffarini Consultants (EAS).
EAS is the largest ArchiCAD user in the region so I wanted to share their vision and strategies for the close future, especially about BIM.
Here comes a short teaser from the interview:))

"Another new area of focus for the company is Building Information Modelling (BIM). Saffarini explains:
“We had the recession and this is the time to rearrange your house, to upgrade. We started using BIM - it involves investment but in the rush you will not be able to do it.
“It is difficult to do use AutoCAD on complicated, signature projects. The second thing is that you find many mistakes in your drawings due to the lack of co-ordination - with BIM the coordination is automatic.
It also helps a lot with detailing and it speeds up the process. We consider it to be an advanced type of approach for us, especially in complicated buildings.”
“Now we are using BIM for the new hospitals and we plan to use BIM for more projects, especially specialised ones. For our branches outside the UAE, we were thinking of training the staff to use BIM as their software rather than AutoCAD. I think more and more companies will use BIM.”

Full Article is available from here.
Middle East March Issue is available from here.

Diyane Koseoglu

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