Wednesday, March 14, 2012

BIM! for small projects or big projects?

The popular argument of this month! Is BIM beneficial only on big projects?

I am not sure why but there is a common misconception that BIM is worthwhile to implement only on big projects.

BIM brings benefits to any size of project, that's for sure.

So why it is believed that BIM is not really profitable on small projects.

Now let's do some maths...

Assume that BIM saves 3% of the project cost...

In  a 1 000 000 000 $ project the BIM savings will be 30 000 000 $! Sounds good, right? :))

In a        2 000 000 $ project the BIM savings will be         60 000 $! Does not sound that attractive, right? :((

BIM does it's job in any size of project, but the savings amount basically depends on the size of project. Of course you can not save 30 Million $ in a 2 Million $ villa project.

Yet you will not be spending the same implementation cost on a small project.

What about the pilot project?

The pilot project should not be small since you will be investing in training. For instance BIMES charges for the trainer not the number of trainees. This means you will be paying the same amount to train 10 engineers or 2 engineers.

Our recommendation is to establish a BIM unit of 10 engineers for the pilot project. Get these 10 trained properly by the professionals. Once they are experienced enough they can start training the rest of the staff.

As per our experience this system has been the most successful and cost efficient BIM Implementation.

Diyane Koseoglu