Sunday, October 7, 2012

How to snap 2D Lines in 3D View? by Mahmoud Qenawi

Hi All,

I received a very nice comment to my previous post. It's from Mahmoud Qenawi.

I don't know him at all but I think I am missing a lot.

He sent me a video which is very very nice and smart. He basically developed Jothi's methods to make 2D Drawings visible in 3D.

Jothi's method is great for quickly importing DWG and compare the with the model in 3D however if you want to play in 3D, you can not snap to the line end etc.

Is it a big problem? No!

But it's a so cool to have that option too.

This is what Mahmoud Qenawi shows in the following video:

He basically takes Jothi method one step further and converts the drawing to Morhp so that we can see and snap to it in 3D View!

Very cool, isn't it?


We are waiting for more videos from you:))

Have a fabulous day!

Diyane Koseoglu

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  1. Hey really?that's my name is shown above,thanks a lot lady Diyane for your interest and approving my video,only i comment for more goals from video,first importing DWG in this way is useful to avoid bringing AutoCAD layers,second it can be helpful for AutoCAD users to built their model within ArchiCAD in fast and productive way rather than 3D AutoCAD,cheers and thanks again .