Wednesday, September 12, 2012

10 ways to guarantee BIM failure!

First 9 of them are real case stories that led to failure. 10th has not yet but still very dangerous;)

1- Don't hire an experienced BIM Manager.
2- Don't train your team properly.

3- Find someone from your organization whose maximum interaction with latest technology is iPhone and make him BIM Manager.

4- Make sure that the above BIM Manager thinks that he knows all about BIM because he attended some seminars and read some case studies.

5- Don't get training and never ever run a small pilot project to fully understand the capabilities of the BIM Tool before making mass number of license. Instead, just rely on vendor's word.
6- See the BIM requirement chapter in the tender documents and say "oh well, we will think about it if we get the project".

7- Believe that there is only one "way" to succeed with BIM on each project.

8- Believe that having a model only for coordination is BIM and you can produce shop drawing with the traditional method which has nothing to do with BIM. Further more claim this is much cheaper.

9- Prefer ideal workflows to realistic ones.

10- Final and the most important one: Be arrogant to Diyane and irritate her although she is nice, kind and respectful towards you:)

Congratulations! You are ready to fail now:)))

Have a wonderful day without any failures!
Diyane Koseoglu

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