Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Top 10 BIM questions

This time it's not my top 10:)

I came across with a nice article by Dr Stephen Hamil, Director of Design and Innovation and Head of Building Information Modelling at NBS.

He listed the top 10 BIM questions and gave answers to these. The questions are as following and please go to this link for the answers:
  1. What is BIM? (the good old question)
  2. Who owns the BIM? (I totally agree with him)
  3. Who will make the most money from BIM? (as you see it's not only BIM providers:))
  4. What are the legal implications of BIM? (The link he refers don't work. This is a questions which bugs me a lot and still very unclear in the Middle East.)
  5. Is the UK falling behing the rest of the world on BIM? (Hahaha! Seems like every country is thinking they are falling behind. Good to know it's not only Middle East:)
  6. How will industry help BIM adoption happen smoothly in the UK? (owners mandating BIM doesn't sound harsh to me. I think it is the only way to go forward fast)
  7. Is there a single BIM or many BIMs? (unexpected answer for me!)
  8. Is affordability an issue and how can smaller practices be persuaded that BIM is a worthwhile investment? (I agree)
  9. How do master specification systems fit into BIM? (puff... the most boring question)
  10. How do cash and carbon fit into BIM? (I agree)

I enjoyed the article and I hope you will as well.

Diyane Koseoglu

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