Monday, June 18, 2012

ArchiCAD Tip: Creating & Publishing Layout in Sequence

Hi Everyone!

We are updating our ArchiCAD Standards Guide these days and what is different this year is the small videos we are adding to the guide.

Recently new team members attended to our BIM Modeling Services Team and unfortunately we could not take them through the orientation period as we had many new and urgent projects.

So we ended up a team with different ArchiCAD knowledge level.

Of course we are doing some on the fly trainings but I am not sure if it is increasing or decreasing productivity:)) Our experienced guys are getting distracted constantly.

So as a solution we decided to add some short videos explaining how to follow our company standards as some of them requires advanced knowledge of ArchiCAD.

One of them is "Creating & Publishing Layout in Sequence". Actually this is the one we had the major problems.

Enjoy Jothi's 10 Minutes video!

Diyane Koseoglu
Jothi Shanmugam!