Thursday, June 7, 2012

Back to Dubai

Hi All,

Finally I am back with very nice memories!

Well, we had a great conference in Cairo. I can even say the best conference I have ever attended.

Great speakers, great attendees and of course great organizers:))))

I would like to thank Eng. Omar Sabbour, Dr. Mohammed Marzouk, Eng. Ayman Al Mousawi, Dr. Najeeb Al Nauimi, Mr. Abelardo Tolentino Jr. and also BIMES & Projacs Team for the great work!

We had 186 high level attendees and they were all impressed by the presentations. The feedback was amazing.

I am waiting for the photos and videos from the event managers and I will share with as soon as I receive them.

We also had a lucky draw at the end of the event and one of the awards went to PGESCO who was our first client in Egypt. They were the first team I trained after I start at BIMES so they are quite special for me and I am happy that they got the award:))

Don't get me wrong! It was not a set up:))) just pure luck:)))

Have a great weekend!
Diyane Koseoglu