Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Is it a radio for ArchiCAD fans? No, it isn't!

You know what we went through on the days prior to BIM Conference Egypt 2012 event.

Although nothing serious was happening in the city, media was showing as if it is a war area and we had difficulty to convince our speakers about the safety.

However we were lucky to have very professional speakers and none of them cancelled their speech due to this reason:))

However this doesn't mean everything went as planned.

Some of our speakers had last minute problems with their passports and couldn't make it to the event.

One of the presentations cancelled was "BIM for Facilities Management" and when the rest of the organization team heard it is not going to happen, they started to look at me with big eyes:))

Well, I really don't like this "big eye look"! It usually means "we have a big problem":))

Then I understood the reason behind the "big eye look". There were many Facility Managers attending to the event for this specific presentation.

What to do! What to do!

I was never involved in FM part of BIM before. Even when I was a junior trainer for ArchiCAD we were joking about ArchiFM and saying that it is a radio for ArchiCAD fans etc:))) (I know it is not professional and not something to be proud of but I really did not know what it was:))

Now, I am supposed to make an ArchiFM presentation and I have 1 day to prepare:))

I  studied a bit further and learnt that 75% of the project costs are operations and maintenance related.

Then I noticed that I was not paying enough attention to FM but I am not alone:)) Construction professionals always have a tendency to ignore FM part of the project:))

Himm now it is time to learn more about it!

I have to admit that ArchiFM guys were extremely helpful and they provided me some material and a 7 minutes video which I fell in love with. (Thank you very much dear ArchiFM team)


I liked the seamless connection between ArchiCAD and ArchiFM. How ArchiFM extends the amount of data that can be added to BIM Model is impressive. 

I loved the fact that furniture or phone numbers can be linked to a person and when you move that person in the model all the related stuff will be moved with him in the database.

I also loved the graphical feedback on the model when you want to filter the rooms smaller than a certain size.

It's pretty nice, isn't it?

Diyane Koseoglu


  1. where can get presentations of event?

  2. Hi Hamza,

    We are waiting for the Event Management company to process the videos and split the presentations. Once we receive them, they will be uploaded to our YouTube channel.


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