Sunday, June 10, 2012 Webinar, ArchiCAD 16 Receives a New Award and Vico 3.3 is Out!

Good Morning to Everyone!

It is the start of a new week today. At least for the ones living in the Middle East. I am kind of jealous of he ones who are having a lazy Sunday in the rest of the world:))

Luckily I have quite a lot to tell you today!

Well, the first thing I would like to share is the Webinar on the 19th June, Tuesday. The timings are as below:

·       "UAE time" (Tuesday, June 19, 2012 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM GMT +4)
register here:

·       "Cairo time" (Tuesday, June 19, 2012 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM GMT +2)
register here:

·       "KSA, Kuwait and Qatar time" (Tuesday, June 19, 2012 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM GMT +3)
register here:

Webinar will introduce the new portal which is the latest cloud solution of Graphisoft.

I am quite excited about it as it will make our lifes much easier when it comes to searching for furniture, equipment etc.

Type it to the "search box" in objects settings and find the object from Papua New Guinea:))) Yes, there is a country like that so no need to googling it. trust me:))) Even better news, English is one of their official languages so probably the parameters will be in English as well:))

Papua New Guinea Map

Anyway, enough of empty talk! Let me get back to some serious stuff again:))

The second thing I wanted to share is a new Award that ArchiCAD received. ArchiCAD 16 is awarded as 1st "BEST of SHOW" for AIA National.

The third one is about VICO!

VICO 3.3 is out!

New features can be categorized into 4:

Multi-User Environment: As many customers deploy Vico Office on larger and larger projects, it is inevitable that their team sizes increase as well. So instead of few Estimators working on a bid or deadline for a cost plan, there are now larger teams divvying up the workload. The teams can log into the same project and progress in parallel with the various tasks that need to be completed. One team can focus on reviewing the takeoff quantities; another group can work simultaneously on a different section of the cost plan; and still start work on the required set of tasks for the project schedule.

The result is continuously updated data for the entire team, better communication, and estimates created much faster with better detail.

Localization: Now when system administrators first install Vico Office, the question they will be asked is, In which language would you like to use Vico Office Version R3.3 introduces our support for the standard default of American English, but now offers UK English, Finnish, and Swedish. This means that all the database field names, field values, and navigation is in the user’s native language.

Cost and Quantity per Location Report: As everyone knows, the Reporting Engine in Vico Office is absurdly powerful and capable of drawing in data from every field in the database structure. One new report, specifically requested by customers working on staged projects like high-tech campuses, office parks, and even very large single building projects, is the Cost and Quantities per Location Report. This report powers the critical cash flow per stage analysis and helps Owners AND GCs organize their projects.

Caption: This report template, along with all the others, are ready for you to use just check the installation folder; in most cases the structure is C:\Program Files\Vico Software\Vico Office (x64)\Report Templates.


Diyane Koseoglu